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Conscious Divorce

Transforming a painful process into an empowered life reclamation

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In 2012, I went through a life-shattering high-conflict divorce, which became both my greatest challenge and gift. And because of that powerful process, I am passionate about supporting others in claiming their freedom and their joy. I help you to remember your inner greatness, so you can live a life of purpose, clarity, and passion!

And I want to share with you that divorce is not just an ending - it's also a beginning


“ I really felt a pivot after… I am realizing that the depth of the emotional abuse was much more serious than I ever realized. Thank you so much for all your insight and support. Now I’m finding strength in places I didn’t know I had it.”  - Dr Heather R.

Tiffany is the Founder of From Divorce to Destiny.

She has supported some of the wealthiest families and business leaders on the planet. She serves as an advisor for organisations including W/M Nexus, Ethical Markets, and Njovu Foundation. 

Tiffany also has three nationalities and three continents that she calls home. She also holds a Masters and is certified as a Soma NeuroMuscular Integration Therapist.

Tiffany went through a high-conflict divorce that included high-conflict custody changes, international litigation, and offshore holdings - the kind that made all the judge's and attorneys' heads start spinning. Because of this experience, she is well aware that the family court systems are not the right venue for dealing with high-conflict family matters.

And she knows that the real victories are not in the courtroom or to be measured in dollars, they are in our ability to claim our power, our sacred life's purpose. 



"Amazing guidance and advice, on such a personal and touchy subject.  I recommend her to anyone who needs help guiding themselves through their divorce or marriage". - Joe Esteves

I don't give legal or financial advice. I work with partners that are highly specialized and I highly recommend hiring a professional mediator if at all possible. 

Legal and financial professionals need to stay updated on the ever-changing laws and local filing practices. If you want strategies for your financial settlement, then I'm not the right door. If you want to know how to get to where you want to be, regardless of the settlement or court outcome, call me. I can get you there.

What I do

What I don't do

I provide easily accessible online courses to support people through their divorces. I also provide tailored support through a private support group and through individual coaching sessions over video.


We have been taught to see divorce as a failure, and the path of divorce as a "plan b" scenario. But my divorce led to my Plan A+! I can tell you with certainty that I am a fulfilled person, not in spite of my divorce, but thanks to my conscious divorce process  - and the journey of exponential growth it led me on! 

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