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Private Coaching 


You will not settle for  surviving

YOU were born to thrive

Private coaching is the royal experience. 

I will be right there by your side, as an ally, mentor, and coach. You are fully activated with courage, clarity, and the ability to see your best outcome path and how to get there. 

Together we will release your freedom, joy, and confidence. We will face the challenges ahead with simplicity and on the way, we will fall in love with the loving, powerful, authentic you... the person you were born to be. 

We will lovingly close the chapters that are ending, and create the beginnings of new chapters, the ones that tell the story of your rising, with lots of love and laughter along the way. When you choose the path of the Phoenix, you choose to harness the pain and turn it into a superpower. You navigate all practical and logistical considerations of divorce like a ninja. 

Providing yourself with this level of support is no less than life-changing. 

Because of this, I only take two 1-on-1 Divorce Consigliere clients at a time and I choose the clients where I see real potential for success - because my goal is to have you flying off with your own wings sooner than later! Your success is my success.

Let's get you flying


Divorce Consigliere


All exercises, tools, modules but most of all - MY ENERGY FOCUSED ON YOU.

Weekly 90 min calls

This is a sacred time to focus on you. We will find the keys for unlocking each aspect of your life reclamation. We uncover the hidden codes to shift your mind for permanent resolution and sovereignty over your life. Be prepared for MASSIVE UPWARD CHANGES . 

Voice & Text Messaging: under 24 hr response 

Phoenix life and its evolutions rarely fall into a regular schedule. Sometimes you just need quick support. You are never alone. We're in this together. 

The keys to your Kingdom or Queendom are yours. 

1 on 1 Coaching

Cost  - $5k / month
$12k / 3 months

Single Coaching Sessions

Investment $170

90min - video or call session & email follow-up

A wonderful way to discover the benefits of coaching and to test before you buy a package

  • You will harness the pain and turn it into a superpower

  • You will navigate all stresses and logistical considerations with courage

  • You will release your freedom, joy, and confidence

  • You will face the big decisions ahead with unusual clarity

  • You will fall in love with the loving, powerful, authentic you... the person you were born to be

  • You will bring healing to yourself and your children


PACKAGES available after first call discovery:

3 Calls: $500.-, 5 Calls: $800.-, 7 Calls: $1050.- (highly recommended for deep relationship healing or high conflict cases)

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